The Bahamas has been directly impacted by Hurricane Dorian- first as a category 5 hurricane beginning 31st August, 2019, and lingering over Grand Bahama with a forward motion of a mere 2 mph for days before picking up speed on the evening of 3rd September. The all clear was given on the morning of 4th September 2019.

Weather experts have opined that Dorian is an unprecedented global event in that the magnitude of sustained winds of 185 mph, as much as 24 inches of rainfall and slow forward motion among other phenomena all came together in one event.

As of 5th September, the death toll stands at 23 and expected to rise.

First to receive the impact was the island of Abaco which endured winds of 185 mph and heavy rainfall and storm surge. The combined effects of the winds and the storm surge resulted in loss of life, countless destroyed structures and extreme flooding. Many shelters had to be evacuated. The slow motion of the hurricane resulted in the tropical storm feeder bands on the back of the hurricane causing flooding to the island of New Providence and the need to open shelters there. The Prime Minister advised that an estimated 60% of homes on that island were destroyed.

After almost three (3) days battering the Island of Grand Bahama the all clear was finally issued early on the morning of 4th September 2019. Homes have been flooded, shelters compromised and untold damage has occurred. Waters will have to recede before any assessment can be carried out on the ground there.

The Islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama are home to some 76,278 people. Some inhabitants from Abaco have been relocated to another Island; however, the situation on the ground still remains impassable.

Reported damage to infrastructure in Abaco includes destruction of hotels and houses and the main port of Marsh Harbour is reported to be underwater.

First and foremost, the Government’s mission and focus now is search, rescue and recovery. Clearing of harbours, debris and repairing of shelters is also underway.

Flood waters have now receded on both islands and search, rescue and recovery is proceeding in earnest. Pending a full assessment of needs, the Government has released the attached list of preliminary needs which can be transported easily.

Donations within the United States are being accepted at the following locations:

The Bahamas Embassy Consular Annex
1025 Vermont Avenue NW
Suite 305
Washington, D.C. 20005

The Bahamas Consulate General New York
231 East 46th Street
New York, NY 10017

The Bahamas Consulate General Atlanta
2970 Claremont Road NE
Suite 290
Atlanta, GA 30329

Financial donations to the following Government Disaster Relief Account would be most effective at this time:

USD Funds
Destination: CHASUS33
(IBK) JP Morgan Chase Bank
New York

Pay to Bank: /001 1 88488
RBC Royal Bank (Bahamas) Limited
Nassau, Bahamas

Beneficiary: /05625 128-101-3
Bahamas Disaster Relief Fund Account

The format for the beneficiary account number is: the first 5 digits are the transit number and the last seven digits are the account number.

This information will be updated and disseminated periodically.

Thank you for the expressions of solidarity to the people and Government of The Bahamas.

Bahamas Embassy, Washington D.C.
5th September 2019