The Bahamas has been directly impacted by Hurricane Dorian – first as a Category 5 hurricane beginning 31st August, 2019, and lingering over Grand Bahama with a forward motion of a mere 2 mph for days before picking up speed on the evening of 3rd September. The all clear was given on the morning of 4th September 2019.

First to receive the impact was the island of Abaco, which endured winds of 185 mph and heavy rainfall and storm surge. The combined effects of the winds and the storm surge resulted in loss of life, countless destroyed structures and extreme flooding. Many shelters had to be evacuated. The slow motion of the hurricane resulted in the tropical storm feeder bands on the back of the hurricane causing flooding to the island of New Providence and the need to open shelters there. The Prime Minister advised that an estimated 60% of homes on Abaco were destroyed.

After almost three (3) days battering the Island of Grand Bahama, the all clear was finally issued early on the morning of 4th September 2019. Homes have been flooded, shelters compromised and untold damage has occurred

As of 9th September, the death toll stands at 45 and is expected to rise.

Weather experts have opined that Dorian is an unprecedented global event in that the magnitude of sustained winds of 185 mph, as much as 24 inches of rainfall and slow forward motion among other phenomena all came together in one event.

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