The Bahamas boasts a dynamic and progressive Financial Services industry, the development of which is promoted by The Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB), a public/private partnership. As one of the leading services sectors of the Bahamian economy, the Financial Services industry has led to The Bahamas’ prominence as a reputable international banking centre which attracts international business from top ranked financial institutions from around the world.

Key features of the Financial Services industry of The Bahamas include global banking, expanding the securities market, growing insurance services, up-to-date legislation, tax policy, and a strong workforce.

The Bahamas Financial Services Board

The Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB), launched in April 1998, represents an innovative commitment by the financial services industry and the Government of The Bahamas to promote a greater awareness of The Bahamas’ strengths as an international financial centre. BFSB represents and promotes the development of all sectors of the industry, including: banking, private banking and trust services, mutual funds, capital markets, investment advisory services, accounting and legal services, insurance, and corporate and shipping registry. In addition to its coordinated programs to increase confidence and expand knowledge of The Bahamas among international businesses and investors, the private sector-led BFSB will continue to consult with government to develop new initiatives to meet the rapidly changing demands of international financial markets

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