Media professionals from major Networks in Washington, D.C. were told by The Bahamas Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Wendall Jones, to work even harder in an era of post-truth for democracy. 

Speaking at a Reception and Salon Dinner Wednesday night in the Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Jones said, “When professionals in Media in the United States are functioning at their best, they are assisting in leading millions of people not only their country but throughout the Caribbean and the Americas.”

“Democracy thrives when people are well educated, and the role of media is critical to the proper functioning of democracy,” said the Ambassador.

He called on Journalists to adhere to the tenets of ethical journalism, as the problem of a lack of credibility in media does not augur well for democracy.

The large group of  Media professionals met at the invitation of CariBeat, a group of Journalists with Caribbean roots just before the White House correspondents’ dinner.

The hosts of the affair were Richard A. Fowler, who currently serves as a progressive contributor to FOX News and the Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago, H.E. Anthony Phillips-Spencer.




Shown from left to right are Laura Coates, CNN Host; Ambassador Jones; Paul Butler, MSNBC Contributor; Elliot Williams, CNN Legal Analyst; and Yamiche Alcindor, NBC National Correspondent.