Washington, D.C. – On Thursday, 1 October 2020, His Excellency Sidney Collie, Ambassador of The Bahamas to the United States of America and Permanent Representative of The Bahamas to the OAS, assumed the role of Vice Chair of the Permanent Council of the OAS.

As Vice Chair, Ambassador Collie will assist the Chair of the Permanent Council, Her Excellency Audrey Marks, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the OAS, in coordinating and guiding the work of the Permanent Council, whose mandate includes the maintenance of friendly relations among the member states, issuance of recommendations to the General Assembly as well as implementation of decisions of the General Assembly, and upholding the standards governing the operation of the General Secretariat.

Ambassador Collie will serve as Vice Chair of the Permanent Council for three months, through December 2020.

Date: May 31, 2018 Place: Washington DC Credit: Juan Manuel Herrera/OAS

(File Photo/OAS)