Freeport, Grand Bahama
The Bahamas is a chain of sub-tropical Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, known throughout the world as one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. Located just 68 miles from North America, Grand Bahama is the most northerly point in The Bahamas’ archipelago, and enjoys a unique status within the Island nation.

Freeport, the capital city of Grand Bahama, has all the qualities of a premium destination for investment including strategic location just 68 miles off the US coast, robust fiscal incentives and uncomplicated repatriation of funds, an expansive free trade zone, world class logistics and transshipment infrastructure including the deepest port in the region and one of the largest refineries in the world, access to a highly skilled workforce and a vibrant financial services sector and all within the context of a stable economy and against the backdrop of a cosmopolitan island life.

Whether considering relocating your corporate headquarters, building an overseas plant, increasing your global presence, or trading with some of the largest markets in the Western Hemisphere, Grand Bahama offers unmatched investment opportunities, as well as some of the most favourable economic conditions for maximizing significant Return on Investments (ROIs). Progressive companies know that Grand Bahama is more than just a tropical paradise – it is a foreign investment destination!

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